OUR HERITAGE: Annual Conference Sessions

In the midst of the financial turmoil of the Depression, Hamline Church was selected as the site for the 1932 Minnesota Annual Conference. Hamline University and neighboring Knox Presbyterian Church also hosted sessions for this Conference. This was the first, though not the last, of the Annual Conferences held at Hamline Church/Hamline University Campus.

The Conference returned to the combined Church/University campus for the merger from 1948 to 1969. Following standard practice, clergy typically met at Hamline Church and the lay delegates at the Field House. Ordinations, worship services and at least one dinner were held at the Church.

Among the highlights during those sessions was the 1958 ordination of Mary MacNicholl, the first woman in Minnesota to receive full clergy rights after the General Conference approval in 1956. The Rev. MacNicholl had been received as a deacon in 1950 and as an elder in 1952, also at Hamline Church.

The Ordination of Mary MacNicholl, the first woman to recieve full clergy rights in the Minnesota UMC, was conducted at Hamline Church in 1958.