Hamline Church's Online Community

Hamline Church is really excited to announce Realm, our new online directory, giving system, and tool for staying connected. We hope that everyone is able to use Realm as the central hub for church connections!

Log in to Realm

On Realm, you can:

  • Set up one-time or re-occurring gifts, and make your pledge
  • Keep your contact information up to date easily
  • Use groups to easily stay in touch with your ministry areas

Can you help me get signed up?

Yes! Please contact the church office to receive assistance in signing up with Realm.

If you don’t recall getting an invitation to Realm where you originally set a password, email Mary Kay at mkolson@hamlinechurch.org and she will send you a password reset email from Realm that will allow you to log in and create a new password.  In the future, you can bookmark “www.onrealm.org” or navigate back to the members page of the Hamline Church website and use the link above to log into Realm.

Once in Realm, on the side bar make sure you are on the default “Profile” page.  Then you will see your personal profile.  To make changes, click on the “Edit Profile” button, and this will allow you to change your contact and personal information.  You can also click on the “Privacy” button and change your privacy settings.  Currently the default setting is everyone who are Hamline members can see your email, address and phone numbers, but not your address.  It will only show the primary phone as well, not a secondary personal cell phone unless you want it to by changing that setting to “Everyone” instead of “Church Staff”.

The Directory page you can search other community members using the search bar at the top.

The Giving page will allow you to set a pledge or automatic giving.    If you click on “Giving” and input the information requested, this will set up a recurring gift that will be taken right from the account you name.  Click on “Give” at the bottom to save changes.

You can also pledge a certain amount.  You can now use this to pledge to the general fund, Reach, Renew, Rejoice, and the capital campaign fund.  You can do this in lieu of filling out and returning a commitment card for annual giving or for the capital campaign.  Our treasurers will note your pledge accordingly.  Click on “Save Pledge” once finished.

Finally, on this page you can also print out your giving history by clicking on the “Year to Date” button.  You can change the parameters to the date range you want.

On the top right of the page where your account name is, there is a down arrow that lets you initiate all of the above from there.  In addition, you can select “Manage Account” which will allow you to update your account email, and change your password.  If you get to this page and decide you don’t want to do anything, click on the back button to navigate away from it.  If you make changes to your password, then click “Update” to save the changes.

You can also download detailed instructions here.