Your financial giving changes people’s lives. It helps Hamline Church reach out in mission and ministry in Saint Paul and around the world. This is why we exist: to build the kingdom of God, here and now. 

Your financial giving also changes you. It slowly ignites a totally new way of life in which you realize that everything you have is from God, that you have been gifted and are therefore called to pass on the gift to someone else--to use your resources wisely and generously.

Annual Giving Campaign 2017: Defined by Generosity

What are you defined by? How will you measure your life? Our stewardship focus for 2017 asks us to consider what a life defined by generosity looks like.  In the November sermon series we explore these same questions. Drawing from scriptural teaching, we’ll look at how what we choose and value has far greater impact on our lives than what we achieve and acquire.

How will you measure your life?

11-6 | By Who & How You Love All Saints Day Celebration

11-13 | By How and What You Give

11-20 | By Who and How You Serve  Thanksgiving & Commitment Sunday, Thanksgiving Potluck after worship


  • Online: One-Time Donations & Recurring Pledges
    One-time donations and recurring pledges are handled through our secure online giving system. To retain a history of donations, or to set up automatic recurring pledges, you must create a user account, by clicking on the button below.
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  • In Worship 

    Bring your offerings via a check or cash to give during the offering portion of our weekly worship experiences.


What is stewardship?

The practice of stewardship reminds us that all we have is not ultimately ours, but God’s. Our money and material possessions, as well as this good earth, are brimming with God’s grace as each sustains us. We are called to use what we’ve been given; grace is never to be consumed greedily or thoughtlessly, but with great generosity toward others and the work of God’s kingdom. A challenging practice, to be sure, but we come to discover that it actually gives us more than it asks. It’s been said that nothing can make God love us any less, and nothing can make God love us any more. That’s true with financial giving. We don’t give because we have to: we give because we can. We give because our giving helps lives be changed—even our own.

Should I use ACH (Bank Account) giving?

Yes! Credit cards cost us about 2 to 2.5% for each transaction, and that adds up to hundreds of dollars each month! Setting up a direct withdrawal from your bank account using ACH gives you the peace of mind that the vast majority of your gift is going directly to Hamline Church. 

Is online giving safe?

Yes! Hamline Church’s relationship with Realm makes our online giving fully compliant with industry guidelines related to the use of credit cards and bank account information.

How do I make a commitment?

Click the “Give Now” button at the top of this page and set up a profile for online giving. 

What if my financial circumstances change?

If you need to change your commitment at any time, just let us know. This commitment represents your voluntary giving; it’s not a binding contract. Contact the Financial Secretary in the church office to notify us of your change.   

How are our financial gifts used?

Your financial giving changes people’s lives. We believe that our budget should reflect our mission, and we work every year to strengthen that alignment.

We also believe in honesty, transparency, and collaboration in our finances. Every fall, Hamline Church asks for members to make a yearly pledge, and the finance team drafts a budget. After receiving feedback and yearly pledges, the Finance Team publishes a final budget for the year.