Lenten Small Groups

40 Days in the Wilderness

Hamline Church small groups will provide an accessible, safe, supportive community for Hamline members and friends to explore our relationship with God, practice spiritual discipline, strengthen existing and build new relationships, and help us care for and share more deeply with one another. The theme of our Lenten Groups for 2017 is “40 Days in the Wilderness.” Groups will meet weekly for six weeks at varying times and on varing days, exploring the themes of Preparation, Hunger, Temptation, Isolation, Sacrifice, and Grace. Each group is lead by a member of the church and has 8 to 12 members. We hope there is at least one group that fits everyone’s schedule.

Hamline Church's Lenten Worship theme follows this journey as well. Join us on Sundays at 10 am to explore these themes and worship, so that we might turn ourselves towards the journey to Jerusalem, the Cross, and, ultimately, the Empty Tomb.

Groups have already begun, and things are going very well. Some groups are still welcoming new members. Contact Gil Young at pgilyoung@gmail.com to inquire.